[what is art? who are the kingdom creatives?]

I have many, many thoughts about what art is and what it means to be an artist. Traditionally we think that when someone calls themselves an "artist" we think of a craft like painting or sculpting, but it's so much more than that. 

"we are created by a God who carefully made every inch of the universe"

That takes a lot more than just painting or sculpting it includes math, science. All knowledge is His and he is a Creative God since we are made in His image then we to no matter what our talents or gifts is a Creative! 

"we can all see ourselves as creative"

When we don't pick up this part of our identity in Christ we take for granted one of the most beautiful parts of God's Character, intentionality. God's careful intentions to bring us into an encounter. You are no accident, You are a work of art and you are an artist!  

[you can totally paint]

Let me start off by saying that I really don't know anything about the technical aspects of Art and Painting, however I can youtube anything sister-friends(or brother-friends, you can prophetically paint too!)!! 

I still consider myself to be a Artist,you can too! If you think that God is telling you to paint then go to walmart and get some non fancy supplies, (check this out) put some worship music on, (playlist here) and put brush to Canvas and see what happens!

When Holy Spirit first told me to paint, I was like ummmmm...... "Are you sure??" then I was like... Wait of course he knows! So if you have ALL OF THE PAINTING KNOWLEDGE or NONE OF THE PAINTING KNOWLEDGE, if Holy Spirit is telling you to paint then paint if he gives you permission then that is all you need!